About Us

Our story

Matchstick Media was born out of the realisation that today’s business owners need to stay digitally connected in order to succeed. By focusing on intentional content,  social media, and a quality brand and that delivers value to the end consumer without making them feel sold to, businesses can build relationships, gain market share and dominate their space, regardless of size. 

We are here to help transform vision into action for business owners with a purpose. That’s why we started Matchstick Media. 

Relationships and cutting to the core of what our clients really want are our keys to success. We are committed to helping organisations and professionals have their voices heard in crowded spaces by offering content marketing, social media advertising, and bespoke business consulting services


About the team

Experienced and passionate, we are entrepreneurs, hipsters and humanitarians at heart that have over 10 years of real world experience planning, building and marketing businesses in the digital world – and around the world. We’ve worked with brands in U.S.A, Europe and Australia. 

When it comes to building brands, creating content and marketing on social media, we’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. We’ve built several brands from scratch in the digital space and know what works. You’re in safe hands. 

Digital media team working in office.
Digital media team working in office.
Matchstick Media staff on conference call with marketing client.
Matchstick Media staff on conference call with marketing client.
Digital marketing team planning strategy in meeting.
Our Vision

Everyone deserves to live authentically and find meaning. We’re here to spark dreams and nurture the visions to help people live their most fulfilled lives. 

Our Mission

To create meaningful connections with audiences daily and facilitate greatness in our clients.